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In loving memory of all beloved pets who have touched the human soul and shall live forever in our hearts ...

  • Gracie   beloved dog of Shelley & Bob Ellis, Jr.

  • Hunter  beloved Chocolate Lab of Katrina Kuderko-Coy

  • Lilly       beloved Basset Hound of Nicole Clark

  • Cocoa    beloved Cocker Spaniel of Jennifer Fleming

  • Razr       beloved Doberman Pincher of Paul &Cindy Streng

  • Burt       beloved French Bull Dog of Mike & Kelly                                  Cunningham

  • Brogan   beloved pet of Brian & Traci Trimmer

  • In memory of Virginia McIntyre​ (a lover of all animals)

  • Maggie, Annie, Maizie, Gracie, Daisie beloved Golden Retrievers of John and Sue Masek.  These dogs were also dedicated LAPP volunteers at food-raisers each fall at Busch's in Brighton.

  • ​Mopsy beloved dog of Mary Kulis​

  • Punsch beloved kitty of Laura and Karsten Lies

               "He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul."
                                             ~Charlie Chaplin
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